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Our products

Collective Leadership

This program is our flagship program. It is inspired by the Co-Active (CTI ™ ) and systemic coaching (ORSC) program and focuses on developing collective leadership.

This program is especially recommended when a company or a team is addressing a major change process: a new corporate strategy, a cultural shift, significant changes in organizational structure, a process redesign project or implementation of new systems, or any transformation that requires not only external changes but also internal changes, behavioral or belief changes, at the individual or team level.

As a result of this program, the teams obtain the following results:

Combine the power of individual Leadership with the strength and cohesion of teamwork.

The program is usually initiated in the group promoting the change (Management Team+Change Drivers) and spreads progressively to the rest of the organization.

It is structured in 3 phases or principles (the 3 CO's):

Leadership Development

This program is geared towards developing leadership skills at the individual level, the focus is more on personal growth than team growth.

Do you want to develop leadership skills in different teams and levels of the organization? Increase accountability and commitment to the organization? Do you want people to be aware of their talents and bring them to the service of the organization, regardless of the role they occupy in the organization?

The Leadership Development program is structured in 4 phases, in which we practice and develop leadership skills progressively. We start by developing leadership in isolation (leading me), to start using it progressively in the relationship with people, teams and the organization in its broader vision.

This model allows for progressive learning in which each phase adds to and complements the previous one. The complete program has a duration of about 10 days, however, the duration and contents are always adjusted to the specific needs of the organization.

We combine the leadership competency model of The Leadership Circle with the experiential learning method of The Coaches Training Institute to generate a transformational learning experience.

We use real business challenges and situations so that learning is both practical and personal growth.

We use real business challenges and situations so that learning is both practical and personal growth.

Leading Me

Leading With You

Leading With the Team


Leading With the Organization


Building your Leadership Skills

Leadership Pills allow you to start accessing leadership skills in a quick and practical way.

They are recommended when the organization wants to develop a specific aspect in their teams. Although they are focused on the professional sphere, any improvement in your leadership has a very positive impact on your personal life.


We also build your custom pill!