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My best version

Individual programs allow you to work in depth on the transformation of the person.

At Gaia, We focus in You.

Our first step is to listen to you to learn about your concerns and challenges. Then we jointly diagnose what your real needs are through a comprehensive assessment process that not only reveals to us what type and leadership skills you need to develop, but "how you think", "what are the limiting thoughts that hinder your development", and from there we build what is the mentality that allows you to be more effective.

In each of the sessions we combine leadership, coaching and emotion management to deepen your self-knowledge, enhance your talents, bring out your creativity, better understand and manage your impact on the group and overcome blocking situations or change behavioral patterns.

We accompany our program with one of the most comprehensive evaluations worldwide: "The leadership Circle".

At Gaia we know that learning to lead is a very personal experience, and it changes with time, position and challenges.

That's why we accompany our program with one of the most comprehensive assessments worldwide: " The leadership Circle" .

It is the most advanced 360 assessment in the world, linking a range of leadership competencies to underlying habits, beliefs, patterns and motivations. By uncovering the connection between these patterns, habits and beliefs, we go to the source of behavior where the real levers of change lie.

Junior Leader


To develop the emerging talent in the organization


- Preparing to lead teams

- Prepare to lead key projects in the organization

- Build a common leadership language within the organization

-Increase effectiveness and personal performance


- Deepen self-awareness

- Knowing your impact as a leader

- Gain credibility and confidence

- Surfacing unknown talents

- Improve specific leadership skills: Communication, Negotiation, Time management....

- Learn how to lead with vision

- Learning to co-lead and work in teams

Mid level Leader

Starting to lead people and manage teams is a great challenge, find out how we can help you



- Bringing out the best version of the team

- Building powerful relationships

- Managing conflicts

- Managing changes

- Successfully resolving challenges


- Coaching and mentoring skills to develop others

- Knowing and managing your impact on your team

- Manage the impact of others

- Discover new talents

- Empowering and Consolidating the team

- Effectively resolve conflicts creatively

- Learn to co-lead

- Learn how to delegate

- Bring out the team's creativity

- Adapt to different changes and cultures

- Implement changes

Senior Leader

Develop your full potential, amplify your impact, transform the organization



- Bringing out the best version of the organization

- Setting the vision and building towards the future

- Align the organization to implement the strategy

- Encourage alignments across the organization

- Build a great team


- Develop a leadership and talent strategy aligned with business strategy

- Leading in times of transition

- Create and articulate vision

- Create commitment

- Creating strategic alignment

- Coaching and mentoring skills to develop others

- Coaching and mentoring skills to develop others

- Identifying innovation opportunities for new businesses